Hantek HT25 Sonda Inductiva para el Secundario del Encendido

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Sonda de capacitancia inductiva para osciloscopios para automoción.

Atenuación:  10000:1
La sonda tiene tres extremos, un conector BNC para su conexión al osciloscopio, un pinza para rodear el cable a medir y un cable de conexión a tierra.
Ancho de banda: DC-100MHz.
Voltaje de entrada inductivo: 2000VDC + ACpk.



Sonda Inductiva para el Secundario del Encendido

The HT25 probe is a kind of inductive capacitance sensor designed for use with automotive oscilloscopes.
Close to use, can be used to test a spark ignition secondary overlapping wave, overlapping wave parameters, thus achieved the detection, the diagnosis engine ignition position, make each cylinder ignition voltage changing with time directly from the oscilloscope display.
The loot line has three ends, a joint meet oscilloscope for BNC use, a clip for use, a clip grounding to pick high-voltage gleaned clip with. Loot clincher over is a attenuator, used for loot high-pressure attenuation for low pressure, thus protecting oscilloscope not electrify impact.
When used please note:
(1) Test clips shall not directly clip in spark plug, should be caught in the connection of the spark plugs of insulation wire, in order to prevent the breakdown and causing a shock.
(2) To distance other high-voltage at least 2 inches apart, lest produce interference.
(3) HT25 leading line length 2.5 meters, the decay of up to 10,000:1.


This sensor measures the voltage in an induced way, NEVER be in direct contact with the voltage.

Before using this probe, make sure that the insulation of the probe and the cable on which the measurement is to be made is in good condition.


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